What Does A Personal Injury Attorney Do?

Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer is an attorney who represents clients who have claimed personal injury to their mind, body or emotions (as opposed to property) as the result of negligence or wrongdoing as the result of another person, entity or organization, such as a workplace company or government. These attorneys specialize in tort law, a branch of law that includes procedures and protocols specific to civil injuries or wrongs.

Tort law primarily focuses on cases that involve a person or entity causing harm to another insofar that is causes the latter party to suffer loss or harm to his or her body, mind or emotions. These cases may extend to circumstances that may have caused defamation or breaches of contract, as well as actions or inactions that may have brought undue harm against a personal reputation.

Personal injury attorneys have a wide variety of cases that relate to personal injury. For instance, these attorneys may take on cases that relate to the loss of companionship (such as a spouse), cases that relate to the loss of earnings (such as in cases where a worker is or has become disabled), or cases that involve the incurring of medical bills, either presently held or the future possibility thereof. Additionally, injury lawyers work to safeguard and protect their clients from insurance scams and from suffering unnecessary or undue stress from the legal system.

Attorney for AccidentsIn tort cases, in order for the plaintiff to be rewarded any form of monetary recompense for loss or injury, his or her lawyer must prove beyond reasonable doubt that the defendant’s actions (or, as in many cases, a lack thereof) was the legally recognizable cause of the harm or loss for which the plaintiff is suing.

The primary goal of any personal injury lawyer is to protect their client from suffering any further loss or harm at the hands of the defendant, and further, to prevent any future cases or instances of another entity or group trying to cause harm or loss to the client. Like most litigators, personal injury attorneys take on the responsibility of a case from its beginnings and see the case through to the appeals stage.

Car Accidents LawyerAdditionally, they perform tasks such as gathering evidence to support the plaintiff’s claim; investigating the legal merit of their client’s case; and formulating legal theories and strategies with which they will go to court, trying to prove the wrongdoings of the defendant. Like most litigators, they are also responsible for determining the validity of their client’s claim by investigating the surrounding circumstances of the claim and the alleged defendant responsible for the loss or personal harm.  

Because personal injury cases are rarely straightforward, many personal injury attorneys specialize themselves even further into specific types of personal injury, such as nursing home abuse or wrongful death. These specialized personal injury attorneys still receive the same legal education as any other litigator, meaning that they must earn their law degree and past a written bar exam in their corresponding state before becoming an attorney at law.